1.) Mary Day (sienna guillory) seems to be a very likeable love interest for luther, if she is a informant for Stark im gonna be super fucking pissed. seems unlikely tho, she seems like she might be in law trouble her facial reaction to luther revealing he was a copper was…. telling.

2.) Stark has a witness………. ether frank hodge or god forbid Jenny.

3.) FUCKING GRAY FUCK YOU!, TAKE YOUR SEXY BIG ASS LIPS OUTTA HERE! you are not better than luther bitch, he fucking took a gamble with a serial killer with the stakes of getting set on fucking fire to keep him from killing further, you damn well know you would not do that shit to save your own mother.

4.) awww luther’s comforting the dad!

5.) hmmmm damn, the killer is making me want to catch shrimp and boil em. (thats actually not a pun)

6.) FUCKING JUSTIN! the victims at the end are your mother fucking fault if you didnt fucking hit luther he might have warned them. FUCK YOU!

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